New leaves

We’re enjoying spring, but probably not as you’re imagining. Food is tight for us squirrels this time of year. Good food that is, stuff I’d want to eat. Then the leaf buds swelled. All kinds of them.

leaf colors

Isn’t it neat the different species are different colors? Light green here are Tulip Poplar and the red are oak…or maple. Hmm, not sure. We like the Tulip Poplar better.

gray squirrel in tree



5 thoughts on “New leaves

  1. Hopefully some kind humans are still giving you some good things to eat. Our squirrels around here seem to do well between what they find and what humans put out for them, cos they are all fat and sassy here, even in the spring! Happy hunting.

  2. Squirrels eat some odd things. They seem to like the new leaves of wild sunflowers and the growing tips of oak trees. I find the remnants scattered everywhere. I think they are eating the bark but I am not sure. There is a female that is a regular visitor at the bird feeder and I am glad to see she is getting some good protein from the sunflower seeds. I am hoping she will have some healthy lttle baby squirrels =)

    • Yes, Debra, we do. And sometimes we just like to chew and bite off those branches while searching for the perfect ones to build into our leaf nests. Sorry to make a mess, but it’s a squirrel thing.

  3. Hi Nutmeg and crew! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you guys for a Liebster Award because I love your blog soooo much! Really, yours was definitely one of my favorites from the A to Z Challenge (I mentioned you in my Reflections post, too!). Should you choose to accept the Liebster Award (I know, some people, er, squirrels, don’t particularly like doing this sort of thing, and I completely understand), please visit my latest post to get the rules and questions to answer. I hope you accept! Cheers, marci 😀

    • Aw, thank you, Marci! We’ll check out your post and see if we have time. I do appreciate you thoughtfulness in picking us. And the mention on your reflections blog! Wow, thanks! You found a lot of good ones, so thanks for joining us on our journey!

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