One of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve

Hey there,

I’ve spotted another mystery plant covering the ground in a different woodsy patch than last week’s Poison Ivy.

Mystery #88

The bright green stuff–what is it? Give me your guesses!


No guesses today? Does that mean this was too hard. Too easy? The plant is too obscure in the photo? Sometimes Nutmeg and I sit in our tree and watch you humans zoom by in your cars. We wonder how much nature you can catch moving that fast. This photo is kind of like being at that distance. You’re driving by a woods, a wet spring woods. The windows are open, the breeze shifts and you realize the ground is green with…

skunk cabbage

Skunk Cabbage.

Yes, this plant smells exactly like skunk. Skunk Cabbage, Symplocarpus foetidus, likes its roots fairly wet when the leaves are growing, like now. But this strange plant sends up flowers when the ground is just thawing. You’ll have to hunt down a photo of that. We were on holiday back a few months ago and not thinking about purple spathes. (Is that enough to make you look it up?)

Hope your can spot some!


2 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve

  1. Actually I didn’t look at this post till today, and I knew it was skunk cabbage. It is one of the first nectar plants for honeybees in the spring

    • Oh, good point, Denise! We asked Miz Flora and she can’t think of another plant that blooms so early in the east. Thanks for leaping by!

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