Spring Woods

*paws over eyes* Hickory and I took a big romp a week ago which means… this photo is from a week ago. The woods don’t look like this any more. But we still want to show you, so…


Our spring woods are beautiful in a subtle way when the leaves are out the barest amount, the redbuds and dogwood are a haze of color. Unfortunately, that ‘moment’ lasts a day. Warm sun and even a rainstorm change a spring day in a flick of the tail.

Speaking of flicking tails, we are going to have to do that a few days a week. Run off, that is. Blogging on The Squirrel Nutwork seven days a week has been been fun the last two years, but we have a few projects around the neighborhood that have to get done. We’re pretty sure you can find new postings by Hickory on either Sunday–

“The ever-popular ‘One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve’!” Hickory leaps the branches overhead.

–ah, yes. Or on Monday.

Or both. Who would want me to drop Motionless Monday?”

He’s chittering at me. Sigh. I wanted to make it three days, one for each of us. So, I’ll let Hickory do what he wants every week. I’m taking Tuesdays and Ol’ Wally said he’d continue with Thirsty Thursdays.

“But we’ll have to post random, exciting–”




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