Y is for Yellow Bird

We had a look at the other 24 letters we’ve posted in the Blogging A to Z  Challenge and tried to see where we came up short on various nature sightings. We only had one bird (J is for Junco), that is if you don’t count the two bird statues Hickory featured. So today we cheat a little. Our yellow bird, isn’t big, but he is very common right now.

American Goldfinch

And I do mean ‘he’. Only the male American Goldfinch carries the bright yellow plumage. The females, which practically blend with the ground in this feeding station, are brown.

Male and female goldfinches

That way, when they are sitting o a nest they remain hide, camouflaged.


5 thoughts on “Y is for Yellow Bird

  1. We see fewer of them here in southern Pa than we used to years ago, and they are such bright beautiful birds that it’s a pleasure to see them. Good luck with the zebra tomorrow, lol!

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