T is for Tree Trunks

Howdy from Colorado!  Coney the Pine Squirrel

I’m Coney the Pine Squirrel, The Squirrel Nutwork’s Colorado Field Correspondent.

I have a great alphabet letter idea from Colorado that Nutmeg agreed to let me post!

I was running along our stream and spotted some tree trunks that were uncovered in our flooding last fall.

Pine tree trunks uncovered by flood waters

See how they look squeezed at the base? I had to hop all around them before I put together what happened: The soil around their bases was dumped there during a previous flood. According to my squirrel lore, that was way back in my many, many times-Great Grandsquirrel’s time! Like the flooding last September, I’m sure the humans back then couldn’t begin to remove the soil from around so many creek-side trees. So it stayed.

And these Ponderosa Pine trees didn’t die!

I’m so surprised to discover this , because trees need air like wildlife do, and they get a lot of it through their roots. As you can see, there are no roots in that uncovered fifteen inches of trunk.

Amazing! We squirrels don’t now quite what to make of this, so if any of you humans have an explanation, please shoot Nutmeg an email.

Thanks for letting me share in the A to Z Challenge!



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