One of Nature’s Mysteries To Solve

Hey there!

We have come to another Sunday in the Blogging A to Z Challenge, and another Sunday off for good behavior! (Honest, they really tell us that.) So here’s your nature mystery:

Mystery #86

What happened here? Hint: It does have something to do with eggs! Give me a guess, and I’ll be back thus evening with an answer.

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So you race along this fallen log in the woods and get to the really chewed up spot and wonder what happened, what chewed this log. Would you believe…

Pileated Woodpecker

a woodpecker?

That’s what we squirrels have seen happen. Our largest woodpecker, the Pileated, can really rip into wood. Woodpeckers, of course, are after bugs. See the holes in the log? And the little trails?

bug trails in wood

Those were made when a beetle laid eggs–we gave you that hint!–and they hatched in a home that protected the larvae and provided an abundance of food.

Hope you enjoyed our mystery!


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