Q is for Quercus

What’s a Quercus?


That’s a Quercus! It’s the genus name for the Oak tree family. North America has about 6o native species divided into two groups, the White Oaks and the Red Oaks.

The White Oaks are a Gray Squirrel’s favorite because the acorns mature every year and the nut meat is not bitter. The best known species of this group are the White Oak, and the Chestnut Oak. Like these two, most White Oak species tend to have rounded lobes on their leaves.

White Oak Acorns

The Red Oaks have pointy or bristle-tipped leaves. Their nut meats are bitter and only mature after two years. Willow Oaks and Live Oaks are in the Red Oak group.

Black Oak

Here at The Squirrel Nutwork, we like Oaks. Hundreds of different kinds of mammals, birds and insects depend on oaks for their food and shelter. We hope this year some of you humans will consider planting a Quercus!

Eastern Gray Squirrel



3 thoughts on “Q is for Quercus

    • Thanks, Mariacatalinaegan! Though I have to say, your comment gave me pause…that’s QueRcus. I thought for a minute there I might have made a typo, which is entirely possible! But the spelling is correct on the blog and I have not greatly insulted squirrel-kind with spelling errors!
      Glad you leaped by and shook up our tree a bit. Sometimes I need that. 🙂

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