N is for New York Fern

Back last summer, Miz Flora told me a story about the name of fern Hickory and I had leaped over in our Reston woods. That fern story popped into my head when I was searching for a “N” thing for the blog. New York Fern.

New York Ferns

I have to admit that when Miz Flora tells me she’s not sure about a plant, I (cough) look it up. My favorite site is the USDA plant profiles. Here’s the link to New York Fern, Thelypteris noveboracensis. But turns out Miz Flora is correct, so we’re all good. New York Fern can easily be identified by the fronds that narrow at each end, she said, like city humans who are so busy they are burning their candles at both ends.

New York Fern

New York Fern grows in the woods all over the Eastern United States, but it likes sunny patches, not the deep shade most humans think of when they hear ‘fern’. It also tends to be in damp areas, but that’s true of most ferns.


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