One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there,

Hickory Squirrel with you human readers again today on our ‘Sunday off for good behavior’ in the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Here at The Squirrel Nutwork, Sundays are Mystery days. Today’s photo is one of those often overlooked plants in the neighborhood’s not-so-grassy lawn.

Mystery #

Give me your best guess for what this plant is!


Yes! We had a correct guess today! This is chickweed, specifically Common Chickweed, Stellaria media. The little hint that Miz Flora uses to tell is on the lower leaves.

Common Chickweed

If they have a small stem, it’s Common Chickweed. Otherwise, it might be Mouse-ear Chickweed and you need to take a closer took at the petals.  Don’t make me recite those details! To this squirrel, chickweed is close enough. I mean, why would a squirrel get that close to the ground if he wasn’t digging an acorn? But Miz Flora won’t hear of anything plant-related going out on the blog mis-identified.

Have a good evening and we’ll be back with you tomorrow for another installation of the Blogging A to Z Challenge!


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