K is for Kousa Dogwood

Kousa Dogwood

Miz Flora, our neighborhood botanist,  has mixed feelings about the  Kousa Dogwood. It isn’t a native plant to North America, but it has been adopted as a common substitute for the Flowering Dogwood in neighborhoods. That’s because so many of our native dogwoods have died from anthracnose. We all feel bad so many of the trees have disappeared.

Kousa Dogwood

The flower looks almost the same as a dogwood’s, Miz Flora says, just pointy on the petal tips, and it blooms later.

Kousa Dogwood

But it’s those nasty red fruits that don’t taste good to any wildlife but wasps that Miz Flora hates. Her tail twitches to think about it. “A body can’t have a decent run under them without getting buzzed.”


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