Happy Winter Solstice!

Sun statue

We squirrels have been getting a bit more sleep these last few weeks…up until today. Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year. From now on, our days will get longer.

Interestingly, Miz Flora told us the Solstice isn’t the entire day, but actually a moment. And it’s a time that changes from year to year, anywhere between December 20th to 23rd. On that minute–12:11 this year–the sun is actually its farthest from the North Pole. At 12:12, the tipping starts to go back the other way. It’s just so slow we don’t notice for days…and days if you’re a cold squirrel not emerging from your leaf nest much.

So we will leave the measuring to you humans and enjoy our extra time of sleeping. See, it really did pay to gather all those acorns this fall. Or in Hickory’s case, stake out the best decks and feeders.


Not that I haven’t indulged in a good table feast myself.


Drop us a nut to find!

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