Closing Down

Dear Readers,

I’m sorry to say it was time for me to make a decision to stop blogging. I don’t know if we’re closing The Squirrel Nutwork down for a short time, or permanently.

My goal at the start of blogging was to share nature in suburbia, not just for Eastern Gray Squirrels, but for all wildlife and humans who live in the suburbs of Washington D.C. I think it’s been a good conversation with my fellow squirrels, Hickory, Ol’ Wally and Miz Flora—despite her not ever actually writing a post—and you human readers. We had a few surprises with Field Correspondents volunteering to share from their different habitats—Coney the Pine Squirrel from the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and Lob the Delmarva Fox Squirrel from the Delmarva Peninsula at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. I think their contributions showed how variable squirrels’ needs are and how adaptable we can be. And it was fun!

We’ve enjoyed sharing our lives and suburban habitat with you. Thank you for being our readers.



2 thoughts on “Closing Down

  1. I am sorry to hear you are closing down. I have truly enjoyed reading every post. I will be waiting here in case you come back 🙂 Have a great and plentiful winter!

    • Thank you, Kristie! You’ve very kind and I have the feeling Hickory won’t disappoint you. He’s one hyper squirrel and has been very dedicated to his columns.

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