Thankful Thirsty Thursday

This old squirrel has a lot to be thankful for, most of all his squirrel friends and good human neighbors around the golf course. If Ol’ Wally didn’t have you-all it’d be a lot harder for a squirrel to get what he needed in this skimpy woods. You know I prefer a good clean stream, even if it is swamped with leaves these days.

Leaves in a pond

But those just aren’t too common in suburbia, so I’m sending out a big thank you to all the humans who thoughtfully provide us wild animals with good clean water year-round.

backyard pond

Word is we’re going into semi-hibernation here on The Squirrel Nutwork. (I sure hope you humans know that’s just a turn-of-phrase; we squirrel don’t hibernate.) It’s been a real pleasure talking with you humans once a week. I hope you continue to keep wildlife in your thoughts and lives. We suburban squirrels certainly think about you when we venture out of our leaf nests each morning. Keep yourselves warm and well-watered this winter!


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