Hawthorn Berries

Last year Hickory and I said ‘no way’ to climbing a nearby Hawthorn tree and braving its thorns. But this year we had to give it a try because the fruits just looked too luscious and filling. We younger squirrels had not tried them, but Miz Flora told us the apple-looking fruits are edible for us—as always we DO NOT recommend humans eat the foods squirrels do.

We made a careful path up the trunk and along the limbs to the red fruits.

Hawthorn fruits

“It’ll be tricky in the winter,” Hickory said.

“Do we even know if these fruits will last that long?” I asked him.

“No idea—”

At that point we heard a squawk and looked up. Cedar Waxwings flew into the branches above.

Cedar Waxwing in Hawthorn

“Aw-aw,” Hickory chattered. “They’ve eaten most of them already.”

They had. The upper branches were bare.


Drop us a nut to find!

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