Birdfeeding Reminder

After Ol’ Wally’s bird bath reminder last week, Hickory insisted we post this feeding reminder:

If you humans plan to feed us, er, the birds this winter, you need to get those feeders filled up now!!

Bird feeder

Every wild animal out there—except maybe those grasshoppers –is storing food or taking careful note of where you are storing—read providing—it. Once it snows, no squirrel, or bird, will waste time hunting. He will go directly to where that stored food has been all fall.

So think like a squirrel out there and get your feeders filled!


One thought on “Birdfeeding Reminder

  1. I have a squirrel proof feeder, since you squirrels will chew to get your food out if it’s not easily available. So I spread some food on to the ground also, under the feeder, so squirrels can have some, as well as ground feeding birds. Some birds won’t eat from feeders so a nice supply on the ground makes everybody happy cos everybody gets some. My squirrels here are happy to climb up the feeder pole to enjoy those blocks of suet, which the birds are happy to share with them.

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