Thirsty Thursday

We’ve had a light freeze here in Virginia, which has taken out the more sensitive plants. You folks might remember the native impatiens, Jewelweed, we have in the East. It is one of the first to be affected by any type of cold. From this large stand of plants, most of the fleshy stalks have freeze-dried and keeled over, leaving one yellowing plant.

Jewelweed dying out

Pond plants are dying away, too. Ol’ Wally here hasn’t gotten his old bones over to the golf course pond, but this here backyard pond is representative of what you see in the bigger ponds here abouts.

backyard pond

The plants are all but gone and the aquatic life–both the wild and domestic varieties–are slooowing way down for the colder months. The fish will go to deeper water, and the frogs and turtles bury themselves. You humans, too, should take this as a sign. You all don’t need to dig in too deep, but you should prepare for winter.

Drop us a nut to find!

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