Fall Webworm

So, our branches seem to be taken over these days, by webbing. If it’s not the spiders, it’s the caterpillars. In the spring it was tent caterpillars and now it’s fall webworm.

Fall Webworm

These are the common names Miz Flora, Ol’ Wally and our parents grew up calling them, but when Hickory and I looked into these insects, we learned they are two different bugs. You humans may not be able to tell the difference, but we squirrels, running the tree branches can: In the spring, the tent caterpillars, which are really many species of the genus Malacosoma (But the most common is Eastern Tent Caterpillar) take over the tips of the branches. In the fall, the Fall webworms, which is what everyone calls a moth that is Hyphantria cunea, take over middle sections of the branches.

I hope that makes sense!

The webbing is to protect the baby caterpillars from predators like…us.

Fall Webworm

But we did see a bird move in very quickly and snatch one out of there.

bird after Fall Webworm caterpillars

Ha, he must have gotten a bit too brave. Or hungry.


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