More Mile-A-Minute Weed

Mile-a-Minute Weed

Yuck! If you see this invasive plant, get rid of it. We can’t stress this enough. Or if photos communicae this better than words, here you go:

It won’t be long before this is the only plant around, unless people pull it. Its seeds have formed, ready to make more prickly vines.

MIle-a-Minute Weed seeds

More about this horrible plant was on our July 31st post.

3 thoughts on “More Mile-A-Minute Weed

  1. Just to clarify: you’re not talking about the pokeweed, which, while it spreads quickly by seed (and grows into plants with stalks as strong as tree trunks), is edible early in the spring and produces abundant summer and fall berries for birds.

  2. Pokeweed is called an herbal remedy by some and a toxin by others. People should read good information before ingesting any part of pokeweed. I’m glad we don’t seem to have that invasive mile a minute weed up here in PA! We do have bindweed, which I think is a relative.

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