Giant Caterpillar of the Imperial Moth

Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar

Giant caterpillars grow into giant moths, in this case a Imperial Moth, Eacles imperialis. They come in two colors, green and brown, and feed on both deciduous and conifer trees, but we haven’t learned that this has anything to do with the color. We read that they are in decline in the northeast. If our readers know of any group recording their whereabouts, please let us know!

Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar

Polyphemus Moth CaterpillarThis one wasn’t very cooperative, so some of our photos are at funny angles, but Hickory and I sure enjoyed looking at his bright colors, spots, fur and different feet. Much more interesting than gray squirrel fur.

“Hey!” Hickory chittered at me. “At least we’ll be here come winter!”


8 thoughts on “Giant Caterpillar of the Imperial Moth

  1. Wow, he’s huge and I looked up the moth he turns into who’s of course also huge, and beautiful, I’ve never seen either, and the article I read said they’re scarce north of the Mason Dixon line. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Neil,
      It’s warm in Texas, right? Your caterpillar may still have time to pupate. He will do this underground, so be sure to leave him in a place with soft soil so he may burrow!
      Thanks for leaping by!

    • That’s cool! We still don’t know of group to report them to, but it sure is interesting seeing the reports of sightings all over the east. Glad you found your way to us!

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