Black Walnuts

Black Walnut leaves

Giant compound leaves overhead mean one thing to us squirrels. Black Walnuts. You humans ought to beware. These ones are heavy, falling with a solid thunk.

Black Walnut

It takes a while for the nasty outer covering to rot away, but once it does there is a tasty nut inside. Miz Flora and I prefer to wait because we don’t like to get our paws stained, but sometimes the fall can break the covering and nuts open, so we have an early treat.

Black Walnut


4 thoughts on “Black Walnuts

  1. What tasty morsels, and it’s so good that squirrels’ teeth can break thru that hard shell. We have some very brave squirrels around here who carry the walnuts all around, still in their green shells sometimes, and even across utility wires. Squirrels are acrobats!

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