Coney the Pine Squirrel

In the mountains, my favorite food of late summer is Chokecherries.

They are a bit hard to get to when it’s still a shrub, because the branches are weak, but we Pine Squirrels manage. When the chokecherry grows to a small tree it’s easier for us to reach the fruits at the branch tips.


Unfortunately, we have to share this treat. Bears, fox, coyotes, grouse, and even bighorn sheep like the fruits. In fact, humans do to! But always make sure you have proper identification before you eat a wild plant.


Chokecherries, Prunus virginiana, can be found coast to coast, but they are pretty famous out west for being one of the ingredients in pemmican, a food that keeps well so was used by the Native Americans and early traders.


Drop us a nut to find!

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