Colorado Wildflowers

Howdy folks!Coney the Pine Squirrel

Another report from your Colorado Field Correspondent, Coney the Pine Squirrel.

I might have shown you the wildflowers in my mountain town before, but we squirrels have short attention spans. You humans might also.

A lot of these are western relatives of wildflowers Nutmeg and Hickory show you. I only get a week every so often, so I’m treating you to a whole bouquet today. Except I didn’t pick these. So here we go with some summer blooms, all sun-loving plants in the fields and waysides, which tend to be very dry here on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. Ground like this:

Colorado's dry, sunny habitat

But I poked around to find some of the best blooms.Mullein






Black-eyed Susan and Monarda

Black-eyed Susan and Monarda

Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium

Common Alumroot

I think this last one is Common Alumroot, from a photo on this great Colorado Wildflower website . I don’t have a Miz Flora living in my neighborhood, so my identification isn’t fool-proof. Yet, I still have a mystery. Do any Squirrel Nutwork readers know what this flower–or possibly a seed head–is?

Truffula tree lookalike

I’d like to think it’s a Truffula Tree, but I’m sure it’s not.

Hope you liked our flowers!

P. S. One of our readers solved the Truffula Tree mystery! It’s the seed head of a Pasque Flower and here is a link to another great wildflower site. Thank you, Connie! It’s great to have readers sharing information.


5 thoughts on “Colorado Wildflowers

  1. I worked for a Boulder Colorado company for 9 years and loved getting up into the Rockies every time I went out there. So amazing the quantity of wildflowers at these high elevations! As to the guess, I’m going to stick with Truffula Tree.

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