One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey, there!

In a change of pace, we have an insect for you to ponder over today.

Mystery #70

Any guesses?


This beetle is a Firefly, or Lightning Bug. We squirrels are rarely up at night, so don’t often see the fireflies like you humans do. But with our shorter days, and us starting our fall harvest, we’ve noticed the fireflies are definitely nearing the end of their season with only a very few flashing these last few evenings.

In other news, Nutmeg and I are turning over the blog to our Colorado Field Corespondent for a week We need to get a jump on gathering Hickory nuts for our winter cache (See, I’m already in the Colorado mood, using western slang!) Tomorrow we hope our regular readers will welcome back Coney the Pine Squirrel. See you later!


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