Milkweed Community

Our mystery plant from Sunday, the Common Milkweed, feeds many nectar-seeking insects. Here are a few we saw on the plants. Besides the bees, the only one we are able to identify is this first butterfly, the Silvery Checkerspot.

Silvery Checkerspot

Bees on Common Milkweed

skipper on Common Milkweed

insect on a Milkweed leaf

Let us know what insects you see on your milkweed plants!


2 thoughts on “Milkweed Community

  1. I live in Houston, TX so we get Mexican Milkweed. Bees, butterflies (especially Monarchs), and aphids visit my plants. I HATE the aphids! They really damage the plants and leave very little for my Monarch caterpillars. It is very sad.

    • Oh Kristie, don’t you have any ladybugs to take care of them? We have seen aphids covering the leaves, too. Sorry. 😦
      Glad you could leap over!

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