Yes, Cicadas!

We may not have had cicadas right here in Reston, but other parts of northern Virginia did. Thanks to our readers, we have photos of the hatch–nearly a month ago now, sorry!–out near Haymarket, Virginia. And so we present the red-eyed cicada, otherwise known as Brood X.

The holes from which they dug themselves.

Cicada larvae exit holes

Their exoskeletons covering…a lot.

Cicada larvae exoskeletons

Cicada larvae exoskeletons

A winged adult.

Brood X Cicada

When the adults lay their eggs near the tips of branches, the damage causes them to die and ‘flag’.

Tree damage from cicadas

That’s why the new, baby tree in our neighborhood was netted. (Here’s its picture.)It would have lost most of its branches.

Thanks to our readers, Nancy and Craig, for saving us from missing the cicadas!


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