Canada Geese

A lake in Reston can not be found without Canada Geese. Though these birds weren’t originally native to this area, they found us and stayed. Much like that Japanese Honeysuckle!

Canada Geese

The geese have no predators and can make themselves a real nuisance, particularly with their poop. We asked Ol’ Wally about this and he said it’s true; all that goose poop ‘over-fertilizes’ our water and throws it out of balance. It sounds harsh, but we squirrels have heard tell of a policy of shaking the eggs of the geese to kill the young, but replacing them in the nests to let the geese ‘think’ they are going to get a hatch of goslings. It’s sad, but one animal overpopulating an area harms all the rest of us.

Thanks goodness those humans can’t climb trees to get to our nests.


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