Garter Snake

Of course not all the bugs are in the air. Fish do a fine job of eating aquatic insects…and then the fishermen do a fine job of eating the fish. If the snakes don’t get them first, and unfortunately those snakes are just as misunderstood as the bats.

Garter Snake

Garter Snakes frequent water, gorging on fish, frogs and other amphibians. But when on land, they will eat many things, including mice and slugs. Definitely a garden friend!


2 thoughts on “Garter Snake

  1. Hey squirrels! I wish I had known about your blog earlier. I’m from Sterling and have a whole blog regarding wildlife and nature around here as well. I’d love to feature your blog on my website or talk to you about your current findings.

    • Thanks Brian! Our email is on our about page, and I guess I better check it to see if you found it already. I tried to get Hickory to take care of this part of blogging, but he avoids it as much as I do. Maybe when it gets really hot!

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