Bat Box

Many bugs live their juvenile—larval—stages in the water. Thus there are more bugs near water—or so we thought during our visit to Lake Audubon in Reston, Virginia. And how do lakeside dwellers deal with the bugs? One smart lakeside resident has put up a bat house to attract the best bug eliminator in the natural world.

Bat House

The houses they use are not nest boxes, for rearing young like birds use. They are close, quiet, dark quarters that many bats will cram into together to wait out the daylight hours. Then they drop out from the bottom opening and take to the wing, eating voraciously, a thousand bitty insects AN HOUR!  The nights are shorter during the summer, but still, that’s a lot of bugs.

Hickory said, “I’m willing to share my space with bats not to have to flick my tail over my ears all day long!”

Bat Conservation International is your go-to organization for learning more about these helpful but misunderstood mammals.


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