The Mystery of Crows

Hickory and I were hanging out in an oak one evening when two crows landed below us. We froze and waited to see what they’d do on the sidewalk.

American Crow

To our surprise, they cocked their heads and strutted around, then got into a bit of a squabble. One left and the other…

American Crow

Proceeded to peck at different spots.

“What’s he eating,” Hickory asked me. “Maybe we should check and see if we’d like it.”

So we scrambled down the trunk, scared off the crows and looked around. Nothing.

Then finally in disgust, Hickory said, “Ants. They were fighting about nothing better than ants!”

One thought on “The Mystery of Crows

  1. There’s a hierarchy in my back yard when I put out good tidbits like stale crackers or bread. Crows come to get some of that sometimes, but when squirrels arrive too, the crows leave! The bird is maybe a little bigger than a squirrel, but the squirrels win!

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