Here’s a tree name that’s fun to say and fun to find. Four different leaves should make it confusing, but the ‘mitten’ tree has got to be the easiest to identify.


Double mitten.


Left mitten


Right mitten.


No mitten, which could also be called baby mitten, Miz Flora says, since those strollers she peeks into have the baby hands incased in no-thumb mitts.

The new leaves seem to emerge on tendril-like stems.


Fun plant!


3 thoughts on “Sassafras

  1. Used to go in the woods with grandma and collect it, and dry the roots and use them to simmer for sassafras tea. Thanks for a memory I haven’t had for a long time.

      • It’s a very unusual taste that no words could describe, but good. But as you always say, humans must be very careful to identify plants they plan to consume. Grandma knew all that stuff and thankfully passed a lot of it on to me.

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