House Wrens

House Wren

This pair of parent birds have kept busy bringing moths and other juicy insects to their noisy babies.

House Wren

I nearly fell off a limb laughing when Hickory decided to cross ‘their yard.’ That little moma chased him up over the utility fence and had him pinned to the house wall before he dove off into a bush and hid.

House Wren

We sure hope they fledge soon so the neighborhood can go back to normal.

2 thoughts on “House Wrens

  1. What a dear little bird with such a big song! I have my wren house on the pole for my clothes lines. She gives me a serious talking-to when I hang anything on the lines. And on occasion she has flown down and zapped me on top of the head! That takes a lot of nerve for a small bird, aggressive toward a big human. They are protective for sure! Your description of Hickory getting taught a wren lesson was funny.

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