Wild Cottontail

Are we the only ones seeing almost as many rabbits as squirrels this year? They don’t even seem to be too shy.


Good eating for him, with all this rain and growing grass!

**Sorry to yesterday’s readers! Hickory came to get me in the middle of posting and and I ran off to play in our beautiful weather and forgot to finish posting the pictures for the ferns. They are now included!


3 thoughts on “Wild Cottontail

  1. Hi Nutmeg,
    My lawn is full of rabbits. I’m sitting out on the desk and they don’t seem to care sharing the backyard with me. The deer have eaten all the tops of my beautiful day lilies. I planted these beautiful flowers about 19 years ago. They came from my husband’s grandmother’s garden in Oklahoma. I hate not having the blooms. Is there anything I can do to keep the deer away? Sure wish you and Hickory were to here. Maybe you can throw acorns at them.

    • Hi Nancy,
      Glad you could visit with us today, but sorry to hear your wildlife is taking advantage of your hospitality and now earning their living in the wild!. Have you considered hanging soap in net bags, or human hair, or… honestly, there are lots of ‘remedies’ out there, but I don’t know that any of them are fool-proof. Sorry.

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