Fan Mail!!

Believe it or not, we don’t get much mail at our humble email address. Most of you human readers choose to tap into the comments, which is just fine. But this week we had a reader who wanted to share a photo. Oh, boy!

Here’s what she had to say:

I really enjoy your blog (and learn a lot!).

Earlier this year, I became alarmed when I realized the squirrels were going nuts shredding the bark off our two huge Metasequoia trees.  I was worried about the health of the trees and wondered if the squirrels had gone mad – I’d not seen this behavior.

Then I read one of your blogs that explained the squirrels did this for nesting!  Why these trees this year and not previously?  I’m guessing that we’d had enough rain that the bark was soft and really easy to strip?

Anyway . . . last week I found a squirrel nest that had fallen from a tree – and it is almost exclusively made of this bark.  In the attached photo if you can see the darker clump in the rear – that seems to be the core of it – made from leaves.  Then I think the redwood strippings were added on top.

Neat!  Just wanted to share in case the gang wanted to hear about it.



And here is Connie’s photo. It’s so sad these poor squirrels lost their home!

Squirrel leaf nest covered in Metasequoia bark

She also told us these Metasequoia trees are in Reston. So Hickory isn’t the only squirrel in town taking his nest to penthouse level!


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