Plant ID Help

Sometimes even Ms Flora doesn’t know what the plants are. Here’s an old flowering shrub in our neighborhood — which dates back to the early 1970s. It’s probably not native, since she doesn’t recognize it. Anyone know what it is?

flowering shrub

That photo is from back in April when Miz Flora was having me collect information to figure this out. The flowers look somewhat like honeysuckle, but white.

shrub flower

The leaves do look like honeysuckle leaves.

shrub leaves

The trunk is very old, the bark somewhat shreddy looking. It’d be easy to peel it off to add to your leaf nest.

shrub trunk

And ideas?


5 thoughts on “Plant ID Help

  1. If you Google honeysuckle bushes, you might find that’s what it is. I never knew there was another honeysuckle that isn’t the low invasive vines, but there is; a bush. Also, our flowers (on the vines) up here in PA start out white and turn yellow when they are a day or two old. Interesting! Check it out.

    • Ohh, Sarasinart, sorry we missed this! You are very correct, it’s related to honeysuckle. We’re trying to figure out which one, Thanks,

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