One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there driving humans!

At least here in Virginia you should be seeing trees full of cascading white flowers. That’s our mystery plant for today!

Mystery #56

Back with you later!


We had a very good guess in the comments that this was the White Fringetree. Both that species and this one bloom at the same time, have white blossums and are native. But this tree gets a bit taller – 80 feet compared to the Fringetree’s 35.

The mystery tree? It’s a Black Locust, Robinia Pseudoacacia. It’s related to the pea family, which you can tell from the pinnately compound leaves,

Black Locust

and the racemes of flowers that are typical of the pea.

Black Locust Tree flowers

They are very fragrant as we leap along the branches, and perhaps the perfume drifts down to you as well.

Black Locust Tree flowers

We had a post on locust trees  back in December. Thanks for checking out mystery today!


3 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

  1. Fringe Trees. We just had an arborist stop at our National Realty building (corner of Sunrise Valley & Reston Parkway in Reston) to ask if he could measure our Chinese Fringe Tree. He thinks we may have the largest in the state!

    • Good guess there, conhartke, but no. The White Fringetree is blooming now, but the blossoms aren’t this…bulky. Do you have another guess?

    • And conhartke–will you please let us know how big he says it is? We’ll send a correspondent over to get a photo. We realized after reading this again, that you are very close to us, just across the Reston National Golf Course!

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