Z is for Zebra Swallowtail

Zebra Swallowtails

A swallowtail, but of the zebra color variety. Black and white. Yes, it’s really real. And native. These little beauties are often found near water because their caterpillars eat the leaves of the Paw Paw tree, and Paw Paws live along water.

And so ends our 2013 Blogging A To Z Challenge. We’ve had fun folks, and Hickory is already after me to see if we get a survivor’s badge.  Me, I wonder what we’ll do tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Z is for Zebra Swallowtail

    • Thank you, Sarasinart. This one was gifted by a reader who wants to remain anonymous, and we are very appreciative. I do much better taking photos of wild things that stay still!
      Thanks for leaping over today!

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