Y is for Yellow on Motionless Monday

Hey folks, the Blogging A To Z Challenge is coming to a close this week—and so is April! Are you ready for that? So today is ‘Y’ day.


We have a yellow wildlife statue:

Yellow Butterfly statue

A yellow butterfly, we’ll call him for the sake of consistency.

And for a yellow plant, I’ve picked one we Virginia squirrels see every day: Yellow Poplar, one of many names for the native tree Liriodendron tulipifera.

Yellow Poplar leaves

Yes, the leaves turn yellow in the fall, but the flowers look like tulips, so it’s also called the Tulip Tree and Tulip Poplar. It’s one of the fastest growing hardwoods and the tallest in the eastern US.

Yellow Poplar Tree

Drop us a nut to find!

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