One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there! It’s Sunday and our blog’s break for good behavior from the Blogging A To Z Challenge. But more importantly, it’s The Squirrel Nutwork’s Sunday column, sometimes known as What is it?

If you’re a new reader joining us from the Challenge, this is the day we post a nature photo, local to us in Virginia—unless otherwise noted—and ask you to make guesses as to what it is. The things may or may not be native to Virginia, I—this is Hickory Squirrel, by the way—am not picky! This column is my brainstorm, and I guess because this is Mystery # 53, we are starting our second year of mystery posts. Sorry I missed the anniversary last week. Oh, well, that’s Nutmeg’s thing, not mine.

So here goes: Give me a guess for what you think this is!

Mystery #53

Check back with you later!


Did you give up? These are the flowers of the Wild Ginger, Asarum canadense.

Wild Ginger

Yep, this one is a native, a low growing ground cover that can not be harvested for seasoning your human food—that’s a different ginger plant with a huge root.  These purple flowers pretty much lie on the ground, under the leaves and if you’re thinking no self-respecting bee will ever get under there and find them, you’re right. Wild Ginger flowers are pollinated by beetles.


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