V is for Virginia Creeper on Thirsty Thursday

Fine, fine, this plant is related in no way to water, or ponds, although this particular individual grows at the edge of the yard that has that new pond we’ve been watching.

Virginia Creeper climbing fence

I’m posting it as my ‘V’ feature for the Blogging A To Z Challenge because Virginia Creeper is one of the most popular reasons human folks find us, searching under ‘five leaf vine’. And of course, I couldn’t find anything starting with ‘V’.

Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, is a vine. It grows along the ground and up anything to which it can attach its aerial roots. It is not poisonous. Nutmeg has expounded on this vine that many humans mistake for poison ivy back in June, so I’m not gonna repeat her words. Go look at descriptions and photos here!

3 thoughts on “V is for Virginia Creeper on Thirsty Thursday

  1. Virginia creeper always takes over my back fence and I find it..well… creepy. It hides the poison ivy that lingers in its midst that I am highly allergic to. So as pretty as the sight is all over my fence, I steer clear!

    • Actually, we’ve hung out above and watched this patch be torn off the fence year after year. Virginia Creeper seems to be pretty hardy stuff when it comes to growing back!

      Thanks for dropping by JccKeith!
      Ol’ Wally

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