R is for Roots

We’re getting pretty far along in the month of April, and in the alphabet for the Blogging A To Z Challenge. The 20th already, and ‘R’ already.


Plants have roots, we all know that. We squirrels even eat them sometimes. Surprised? Well, we’re not picky eaters.

“Hey, I have my favorites!” Hickory chitters at me.

I didn’t say we didn’t have preferred foods, just that we wouldn’t pass up something. So, back to roots. Sometimes the make interesting appearances in backyards, where humans try to work around them, or  they don’t get the rom they need. Here are a few examples of tree roots making themselves known.

twisting tree roots

Roots coming above ground

Tree base that was buried under mulch

Heh, this last one got buried under mulch, like a squirrel buries… Ok, you get the idea. Luckily for this big tree, another gardener came along and noticed the tree had a base. See the kind of watermark line? Lots of funny stuff out there when you look around.


Drop us a nut to find!

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