N is for Nest

Neither Hickory nor I have given an update on our leaf nests, so ‘N’ day is perfect. My second one survived the winter and thought it grates me to say it, Hickory’s nest in the towering metasequoia in our neighborhood is very much intact.

Hickory's leaf nest in a metasequoia

If you need help, the nest is the bulge against the trunk on the righthand tree, way at the top.


4 thoughts on “N is for Nest

  1. That brings me a question about your nests. Do you store food in your nests as well as sleeping/staying in them when weather isn’t good? I see squirrels burying so much food, and it makes me wonder whether you have stores up there with you all the time? Thanks.

    • Nope, no food storage. That’s chipmunks you’re thinking of. The little hoarders sleep on top of their cache. Uncomfortable! We’re the ‘burying acorns’ members of the family.
      Thanks for dropping in, Sarasinart!

  2. Dear Nutmeg,

    How many nests do you own? Do you ever purchase someone else’s nest or rent one of your own out? I keep an eye out on some squirrels whose property I live on, but they are very secretive about their nests, and I don’t blame them with old man fox around here.


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