G is for…uh, hold on…

Nutmeg here, interrupting for a brief announcement: This might be squirrel week  – go check #squirrelweek – but the team here said no to Hickory’s request to post Eastern Gray Squirrel pictures on the E, G and S days of our Blogging A To Z Challenge. Sorry. If you want more photos of squirrels—and some that are not squirrels, go figure—try this link to the photos readers are submitting to the Washington Post’s Squirrel Week.

Thanks for your patience. And now lets get back to Hickory’s proper G post


Yes, er, thanks, Nutmeg. Hey folks! G is for Garter Snake!G is for Garter Snake

Here’s a friendly fellow who is as at home in the water as on the land. He’ll eat fish and earthworms, and those field mice you want to keep from homes and gardens. Please let snakes stick around your house! They have far fewer babies than rodents and spread far fewer diseases. Who would you rather have for a nature neighbor?

So, I also promised to keep up our Motionless Monday column by posting our favorite wildlife statues. Here is a family of Great Egrets–or they might be Great Blue Herons–a Field Correspondent sent to us.

Great Egret statue

They come from the Eastern Shore, Chincoteague, Virginia, courtesy of a local squirrel there named Delia.


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