Motionless Monday and A is for…

Hey there!

We’ve had a run on rabbits, but hey, they seem to be seasonally abundant.

rabbit among chickens

This fellow seems to be taking a well-deserved rest, and amid a flock of chickens…what’s that about?

And on to other news, today is the start of the Blogging A To Z Challenge. If you read Nutmeg’s post on Friday, you may know that’s what (see the Challenge website) got her into serious blogging, and pulled the rest of us squirrels along to help her form The Squirrel Nutwork.

Nutmeg completed her challenge last year…here’s a little banner she has to put up still:


Again this year, we’re taking the A to Z Challenge, with our own nature in your backyard outlook. Here’s the new banner Nutmeg has to get on the sidebar as well:


So, with out further adieu, it’s April 1st, so A is for…


What else?

A is for Acorns

We’ve had a mild winter, so there are plenty to go around, folks! You’ve just got to find the right tree and probably don’t have to dig at all.


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