One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there! Nutmeg gave me very specific options for what I should post for today’s mystery, which apparently falls on a favored human holiday. I did my best, so good luck on guessing.

Mystery #49

Check in with you later! Have a great spring day!


In keeping with this spring holiday, these are indeed eggs—Wood Frog Eggs. We are having a very late spring here in Virginia, but the Wood Frogs, who must have some sort of antifreeze in their blood, have been out the few warm days and nights we’ve had. You know they’re about if you hear a ‘quack-like’ croaking. Their eggs appear in masses in those pools that come only in spring—ephemeral pools.

Just in case you’re thinking I might have these mixed up with the Spring Peepers we’ve also heard, I don’t. Spring Peeper eggs are laid one at a time, each little jelly mass separate and usually stuck to vegetation—sticks or leaves.


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