Spring Peeper

It’s amazing what will come if you say it won’t! Ol’ Wally said it wasn’t warm enough for frogs on Thursday and yesterday we heard our first Spring Peeper–and it was not warm here in Virginia. Then last night a regular reader sent us a Spring Peeper photo.

Spring Peeper

So that’s the little guy. And I mean little, barely as big as my hind paw. Really, this is a hard-won photo. These guys might be loud, but they are very hard to find, even for other wildlife. They seem to be able to throw their voices. You might see a peeper if you use get a buddy and try to ‘triangulate’ to where the sound is coming from between the two of you. Our human reader thought other humans might like to see just how small we’re talking here.

a peeper in hand...

How about that?

Listen carefully when you pass still water, wet spots, swampy areas, the next few weeks, and hopefully as the weather warms you’ll hear the Spring Peeper’s classic peep!


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