One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Welcome back to the Nutwork written from not-so-snowy Virginia. We had a trace of snow while our Field Correspondent frolicked in feet of the stuff. Good deal, I say. I have this photo of a remnant of our storm, but decided it was too easy of a mystery for our first day back.

 Virginia snow

So, a related shot:

mystery #46

Give me your best guesses.


I hope you didn’t ponder too long on that one, since Nutmeg chittered at the post—when she got up. (Her week off has taken the form of not appearing from her leaf nest before noon.)

I’m hanging my head, because it’s not exactly ‘natural.’ These crystals are from the snow melting ‘salt’ workers put on the roads in our neighborhood.

crystal residue from snow melt 'salt'

So much was used for so little snow that puddles formed. When the water evaporated out, these residue deposits were left.


Drop us a nut to find!

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