Pine Grosbeak Visitors

Howdy for one last dayConey from your Field Correspondent!

These pretty red birds come to visit us in the Colorado mountains every winter.

Pine GrosbeakIt’s hard to believe, but we have less snow than they do in their usual ranges far north of here–like in Canada somewhere. But I guess we do since they make the long flight here just to eat. Pine Grosbeaks hang out in the same trees we Pine Squirrels do—the mixed forests—and luckily the spruce and fir trees produce enough seeds to go around. Though I have heard that these grosbeaks venture into suburbs looking for food. Us Pine Squirrels would never do that.

My tail is sagging. I’ve come to the end of the week sharing my winter from the mountain suburbs of Colorado. Thanks again to Nutmeg for letting me blog as a Nutwork Field Correspondent. And thanks to you human readers for joining us!



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