Eastern Red Cedar. Really.

It’s our last day of Tree Week and I have to admit I nearly goofed. I got some great pictures of Eastern Red Cedar and was all ready to post them when Hickory looked over my shoulder.

Leyland Cyprus

“That’s not cedar,” he said.

Well, we argued around about it for a minute then he scampered off to get Miz Flora.

She shook her head and muttered something about a guy named Leland. Since it’s not that cold, she took Hickory and I to a different tree. A prickly tree. One I stay out of.

‘This is Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana. See the red in the twigs, in the bark? In the heart of the wood also, but we won’t cut it to see that.”

Eastern Red Cedar

Easter Red Cedar bark

I looked over the kind of scruffy gray-green tree. “But what’s that tree?” I pointed to a gorgeous darker conifer, one I love to climb high up its tall trunk.

Leyland Cyprus

She sniffed. “Leyland Cyprus. Not native.” She stomped off.

Hickory bounced around. “I’m getting good at this!”

He is. When I compare the evergreen ‘leaves’, they don’t look much alike, close up or far away. Here is the Eastern Red Cedar in the foreground.

Eastern Red Cedar in foreground, Leyland Cyprus behind

I’m leaving both sets of photos so you can check your trees.


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