American Holly

American Holly

American Holly, Ilex opaca, stands out as a beautiful understory tree here in Virginia.

Bark of American Holly

Unfortunately, it’s not a very hardy one. The smooth bark is thin. It damages easily and doesn’t survive fire well.

damaged American Holly trunk

If you are working around the base of your holly, be careful!


In other news, our Colorado reader friend Coney, who became a field correspondent in the fall, became very excited when he saw our Eastern Hemlock tree photos on Wednesday. He wrote:

That’s a lot of cones on those Hemlocks you have. That’s a new tree for me, but I would really be up for trying to get to the cones, just to get a taste, you know.

He would like to do another week of Colorado posts with us. I told him sure, Virginia isn’t having much of a winter, so we’d like to see what  another part of the country’s squirrels do in winter. He’ll be with us starting Sunday. In the meantime, you can read here, how he became a correspondent with us.


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