Thirsty Thursday

Of course I’ve been asked to do the next to impossible again—twice in one month. At least this time it’s a little easier: combine a post about water and trees. (See February 14th, if you are new to our little blog and have no clue what this old squirrel is complaining about.)

Anyway, my offering is the birch tree. It grows near water, sinking their roots deep to drink up lots of it, which explains why not many grow here in suburbia. I think there is a rule these days against putting houses along rivers, some concern about them getting washed away. This happens to squirrel leaf nests all the time, so we understand why you don’t want to rebuild those big places you humans sleep in.

But I got sidetracked. It’s much easier to stay on task when the topic is water. Birch trees. Miz Flora filled me in on the native one we have in this area of Virginia—the Black Birch. But as I said, no photos. You humans seem to like these fancy ones with the peeling bark.

Birch tree

This one might be a Chinese Birch, it might not. Sorry. It’s Ol’ Wally ‘s best guess.

Birch tree

They do get quite large if they have the proper water.


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